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High Returns

High Returns

Earn 8.5% ­ 15%, start with as little as €50! You receive monthly returns starting immediately. Re­invest these returns or take as cash.

build your Portfolio

Easy to build Portfolio

With new loans added all the time and an easy-to-use Autobid tool, you can quickly build a diverse portfolio, lending to businesses from every sector of the Irish economy.

Support your Local Community

Support your Local Community

Help Irish businesses in your community grow, offer better products & services and employ more local people.


To qualify as a lender, you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  •  Hold an account at the European Union Bank
  •  Have driver’s license or a convincing passport

You are free to lend your inactive sum to limited companies, to those holding a partnership and to traders.

You can trust us with the money set aside for investment purpose since our borrowers go through a scrupulous credit evaluation procedure to ensure their creditworthiness. Without a proper validation, we do not allow borrowers to request a business loan in Dublin.

We fix the P2P loan grades of businesses based on their performance at the time of rigorous credit evaluation procedure. ‘A+’ grade signifies those that bear the lowest possible risk while ‘Y’ denotes those traders who have been in this industry for less than 2 years. Gain greater insight into the businesses and take your decision appropriately.

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