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High Returns

Start with a modest sum and earn satisfying monthly returns. You are in control of your return, which means you can either reinvest it or cash it out.

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Easy to build Portfolio

Building Portfolio has turned out to be incredibly easy and straightforward for all those busy lenders out there! Simply utilise the Autobid tool to bid automatically on ‘Live Loans’.

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Support your Local Community

By lending across local businesses, you are providing them with an excellent opportunity to grow and prosper, in turn, supporting the local community and boosting employment rates.


To qualify as a lender, you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  •  Hold an account at the European Union Bank
  •  Have driver’s license or a convincing passport

You are free to lend your inactive sum to limited companies, to those holding a partnership and to traders.

You can trust us with the money set aside for investment purpose since our borrowers go through a scrupulous credit evaluation procedure to ensure their creditworthiness. Without a proper validation, we do not allow borrowers to request a business loan in Dublin.

We fix the P2P loan grades of businesses based on their performance at the time of rigorous credit evaluation procedure. ‘A+’ grade signifies those that bear the lowest possible risk while ‘Y’ denotes those traders who have been in this industry for less than 2 years. Gain greater insight into the businesses and take your decision appropriately.

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