About Us


To qualify as a lender, you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  •  Hold an account at the European Union Bank
  •  Have driver’s license or a convincing passport

Since our core objective is to support your businesses financially or play a vital role in peer-to-peer finance to let it grow and in turn work for the welfare of the community, as a borrower, you can use it for the following:

  • As an asset finance for purchasing new machinery, information technology or vehicles
  • For augmenting operating capital, which simply represents the operating liquidity of that business
  • Or simply as an expansion capital (which includes cost of hiring new employees for the sake of growing your business by leaps and bounds)

You are free to lend your inactive sum to limited companies, to those holding a partnership and to traders.

You can trust us with the money set aside for investment purpose since our borrowers go through a scrupulous credit evaluation procedure to ensure their creditworthiness. Without a proper validation, we do not allow borrowers to request a business loan in Dublin.

Our Team

Dylan Holland


Taken helm of the business to establish a desirable asset class for borrowers, who want a rewarding return on their inactive funds and push peer-to-peer lending to the next level

Neville Murphy


His business passion has transformed the mere idea of Otter Financial into Ireland’s unswerving P2P lending platform