Small Business Loans Ireland

small business loans ireland

Affordable Rates

Expect a rate lower than your high-street bank rates, excelling when it comes to affordability and fairness..

business startup loans ireland

Speed & Ease of Process

We believe in fast funding, so if you contact us today, then you may anticipate your credit assessment within the next 24 hours and a prompt fund transfer within a 7-day interval

p2p startup business loans

New Customers

Convert your lenders into devoted customers in future. Here is your chance to impress them with your practicable business plan!


Since our core objective is to support your businesses financially or play a vital role in peer-to-peer finance to let it grow and in turn work for the welfare of the community, as a borrower, you can use it for the following:

  • As an asset finance for purchasing new machinery, information technology or vehicles
  • For augmenting operating capital, which simply represents the operating liquidity of that business
  • Or simply as an expansion capital (which includes cost of hiring new employees for the sake of growing your business by leaps and bounds)

Your P2P loans will be sanctioned once lenders, who are none other than ordinary individuals seeking avenues to invest their inactive funds, fund it.

To apply for a business loan from Dublin, you just have to do the following:

  • Enter the loan amount and time period in the business loan calculator to verify the total amount
  • Set up your account with us as a borrower
  •  Fill up the online application form
  • Provide us with supporting documents

After a meticulous credit and fraud check, we will decide if your loan application deserves to be listed on our website and once successful, we will let you know the loan grade assigned to it. The decision to publish your loan request will now depend on your approval.

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