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Peer To Peer Lending Ireland

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The registration process commences with the borrower providing us with all the necessary company information and after a thorough vetting process, the applicant is allowed to move

to the next step.

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Loan Application

Once registered we will request you to fill in the details regarding the type and amount of loan that you wish to draw.

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Bidding Process

On approval of your loan request, we will start the bidding process. You can check the

status under our ‘Live Business Loans’ section. Wait till your loans are funded within a

specified period.


It’s a win-win situation for both lenders and borrowers in our P2P Community. While lenders enjoy a gratifying return, SMEs benefit from a reliable funding solution.

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Peer To Peer Business Loan

What People Say

A “viable alternative” connecting Irish SMEs to Online Lending Community

Otter Financial has so far been the best platform for investments enabling diversification of portfolios. The best thing about it is the omission of intermediaries, connecting every aspiring SMEs directly to the lenders who have funds ready for investment purpose.

Since the establishment of this P2P Community, diligent Irish Entrepreneurs from every sector of the economy are getting access to funds that they really deserve at a rate much lower than that offered in professional banking institutions.

Real people, on the contrary, are getting a chance to support and encourage local companies by investing their idle funds and in turn receiving rewarding returns.


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